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We advise reading the information below before you start an application so that you can be fully prepared. Information and materials to gather:

  • Permission from a parent or guardian if under 18
    • You (and your parent/gaurdian) will need to review and agree to to terms of the Participant Consent Form for the Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge. 
  • Be prepared to answer the following questions about your song in a paragraph:
    • Which character is singing this song?
    • Who is this character singing to?
    • What is the time and place of the story?
    • What inspired this song? 
  • Lyrics of Your Song
  • Audio File of Your Song:
    • Acceptable file types are mp3, wma, wav, aac, mid, midi, mpa, and ra. The audio file can be of any length, however the panelists judging your application will only listen to a maximum of 5 minutes from the song.
  • Sheet music or score in PDF format (optional)

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