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Q: Who can apply to the Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge?
Any student enrolled in grades 9-12 in a high school who has the desire and passion to write songs for musical theatre.

Q: If I am homeschooled or attend a private school, am I eligible to apply?
Yes. All students in high school are eligible to apply.

Q: Can I submit more than one song on my application?
No. All students should apply with one application and one audio file of their original song.

Q: Can I submit a song that I worked on with a collaborator?
Yes. You may submit a song that you worked on with a collaborator, but it is up to you to ensure they receive proper credit on your application (either as a co-applicant for the challenge or with their contribution credited in your submitted materials). 

Q: How long does the song have to be? Is there a minimum length required?
The audio file can be of any length, however the panelists judging your application will only listen to a maximum of 5 minutes from the song.

Q: Are there any costs or fees associated with applying to the Songwriting Challenge?
No, there is no application fee associated with this program.  

Q: Can I mail in a paper application?
In general, no, applications may only be submitted and considered via our online application portal. If you have concerns regarding accessibility please call our office at 212-765-0606 for advice and assistance. Special arrangements can be made.

Q: What if I have more questions regarding my application process?
Please contact Alicia Vnencak at alicia@americantheatrewing.org.

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