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Q: Who can apply to the Musical Theatre Songwriting Challenge?
Any student enrolled in grades 9-12 in a high school who has the desire and passion to write songs for musical theatre.

In keeping with federal law, student competitors must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a valid tax identification or Social Security number. Tax identification or Social Security numbers are required to receive prizes, including cash payments or travel awards. Students are responsible for verifying their eligibility.

Q: If I am homeschooled or attend a private school, am I eligible to apply?
Yes. All students in high school are eligible to apply.

Q: Can I submit more than one song on my application?
No. All students should apply with one application and one audio file of their original song.

Q: How long does the song have to be? Is there a minimum length required?
The audio file can be of any length, however the panelists judging your application will only listen to a maximum of 5 minutes from the song.

Q: Are there any costs or fees associated with applying to the Songwriting Challenge?
No, there is no application fee associated with this program.  

Q: Can I mail in a paper application?
In general, no, applications may only be submitted and considered via our online application portal. If you have concerns regarding accessibility please call our office at 212-765-0606 for advice and assistance. Special arrangements can be made.

Q: What if I have more questions regarding my application process?
Please contact Jenny Gorelick via email at songwriting@americantheatrewing.org.

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